Array is the brainchild of award winning director, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Darren Johnston, established as a vessel to bring together his combined interests in Choreography, Visual Art, Music, Video and virtual production.

Array creates immersive performance through the synergy of multiple art forms. The work is commissioned and delivered across various platforms, from theatres to galleries, found spaces and virtual platforms. New technology remains at the forefront, investigated and integrated through a conceptual approach.


Latest Work


A perfect synthesis of dance, light and sound creates a meditative and sensory journey through minimal and ethereal states.

‘Zero Point’ is a live performance project by Darren Johnston, an exercise in minimalism and a powerful distillation of music, performance and the latest advances in light mapping and motion sensing technology. Featuring an original soundtrack by Tim Hecker.

Inspired by the scientific and spiritual concepts of zero point – Darren draws inspiration from sacred ceremonial spaces, ancient rituals, eastern ideas of rebirth and abstract reinterpretations through digital technology.

Zero Point was Co-Commissioned by: Museum of Art in Kochi (Japan), Perth International Arts Festival (Aus), Barbican (UK) and The Arts Council of England.

“If there was a Turner Prize for dance, Darren Johnston would undoubtedly be on the shortlist”

The Times

Zaha Hadid Architects

Darren is currently artist in residence at Zaha Hadid Architects in London exploring his new work 'Portal' which has been developed throughout 2022/2023, culminating in an exhibition earlier this year (2023). His most ambitious project to date traversing virtual production in the metaverse through VR and Virtual performance into real world production, and the subsequent creation of an immersive architectural installation. Phase 1 of the project was exhibited at Zaha Hadid Architects Gallery in London featuring installation work, performances and a curated program of events. The project is now under development as a body of work to be completed by 2025. Follow on Instagram for regular updates.

Image from Zaha Hadid Architects
'A metaphor for consciousness, the experience is illusory and immersive.' Resident Advisor


Darren was commissioned by Tim Hecker and Barbican to create a live concert design for his Konoyo album. Drawing influence from Japanese Gagaku (Japanese traditional court music), he created a distinct otherworldly design using a full stage surface of water to generate abstract reflections. The project featured live Gagaku players and Butoh dancers from Japan. Commissioned by Barbican.

'Cycles of breath, shapes, consciousness and technology all come back to each other, in a movement that is much like rebirth.' Aesthetica Magazine


At HUBS IMMERSIVE Festival Darren developed and presented in ‘het Diepe’ (swimming pool) of De Nieuwe Regentes in Den Haag his work-in-progress piece G-GKU. A new holographic performance inspired by eastern ideas of ritual and ceremony, following his recent trips to Japan. Creating an immersive and illusory world inspired by traditional Gagaku court music and performance from Japan. Developed at 101 Outdoor Arts Space and with support from The Grey Space in the middle and Hubs Festival Den Haag.

‘A parallel trip into strange imaginings’ The Guardian


With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the artist is curious how industries such as fashion and advertising will use these devices to enhance consumer desire to achieve previously unattainable levels of beauty. Transforming the Oil Tank Culture Park In Seoul into an immersive architectural installation, Plasticity is a ritualistic meditation on futuristic notions of beauty and post humanism. MIIN was commissioned as part of the cultural exchange between Arts Council of England (ACE) and Arts Council of Korea (Arko) and presented as part of SPAF festival in Seoul.

'A striking mix of optical illusion, movement and architecture' The Independent
black white photo of Darren Johnson

Darren Johnston

Award winning multi disciplinary artist from the UK blurring the lines between performance, digital art and architecture.

Darren Johnston is a multi award winning director, choreographer and multidisciplinary artist working across gallery spaces, large theatres, site specific/ found space, virtual reality and the metaverse. Technology and experimentation remain at the forefront of his development creating a seamless fusion of different artistic forms. 

Graduating from Laban he received the outstanding choreographic achievement award, and throughout  his artistic evolution and transdisciplinary journey he has been presented with a host of awards and first prizes including the prestigious ‘International Choroeographen Concours’ in Holland and a Herald Angel Award from the Edinburgh Festival. During his time in Berlin he was resident artist at the legendary Berghain [LINK] creating architectural lighting and projection designs for iconic events. Working directly with Mercedes Benz and Vice magazine he created an innovative 12 hour livestream commercial for their brand new electric car. [LINK]

His unique upbringing and grounding in subcultual electronic music culture has led to notable collaborations with artists including Aphex Twin / Chris Cunningham (here) , Squarepusher, Tim Hecker, Laurel Halo, Mira Calix, Jamie Lidell and the London Contemporary Orchestra. His work is often commissioned and shown at  international venues and festivals including The Barbican (London), Parco Della Musica, (Rome), Todays Arts Festival (Holland), The Roundhouse (London), VEO Festival (Valencia), The Queen Elizabeth Hall (London)  and The Museum of Art Kochi  (Japan).

As an Art Director he has created large scale events including The Diesel Music Awards in London and a be spoke architectural video installation for the launch of the Herzog and de Meuron LABAN building [LINK]

Darren is currently artist in residence at Zaha Hadid Architects working on a new collaborative project with the team. [LINK]

“As much installation as dance… a striking mix of optical illusion, movement and architecture.”

The Independent

“Blurs the line between theatre and visual art.”

The Japan times



Additional information including Awards and acknowledgement to key supporters.



LABAN Outstanding Choreographic Achievement award.

First prize at The International Choreographen Concours, Holland

First prize at The First International Competition for Choreography, Belgium

Bonnie Bird Choreography Award

Herald Angel Award



Artist in residence @ Zaha Hadid Architects 2020 – present time

Artist in residence @ Barbican 2014- 2015

Artist in residence @ The Museum of art Kochi, Japan 2013- 2014

Artist in residence @ Berghain, Berlin 2010- 2011

Artist in residence @ The Roundhouse, London 2008-2009



Array acknowledges the support of our key partners who continue to contribute and make the work possible. These include Arts Council England, Barbican, Zaha Hadid Architects, Mercedes Benz, Dance East and Kochi Museum of Art Japan.



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